American film is coming back. This afternoon, I saw a sci-fi movie named
<District 9>, it’s really very cool. MNU, Johannesburg, Nigerian
illegal militant, a big UFO and more then 1.8 millions ET, they have
played a crazy game, a game about love, money, Close Encounter of the
Third Kind…

A good story must have a good director to show it out. The difference of
a good director and a bad director is the choice of the way to represent
those scenes. For die, we can let the blood spray out like a fountain,
or we can let the bloody minced meat flows on the lens like thick
ketchup. No doubt, these scenes will earn your praise.

To a film, like a musical theater, the rhythm, or we can say the
atmosphere, is very important, because it’s that who runs through all
the story, the audience can be nervous, can be bored, except for the
action, the music, the angle of shooting are very very important. This
film often uses the aerial shot, to some great scene, audience can have
a more clear and more exciting view. And the narrative style chooses
often the style of direct report, you know how you’re excited when
you’re watching the living news, like CNN, like BBC, like CCTV after
revision, hehe, a little cheating.

澳门新葡亰官网app,The hero’s name is Wickus, a young guy, so ordinary, has a lovely wife,
a big family, and wants to be promoted like anyone else. He is appointed
to let the ET sign an agreement which forces them move to another
district where they can be managed better.During the work, Wickus is
infected by some liquid, one ET collects this liquid and he wants to use
it make the broken UFO work. After being infected, Wickus has been a ET,
his left hand changed first, and his gene is also changed what makes him
can use ET’s weapons. The MUN, which is the biggest arm manufacture of
the world, wants to find the answer of mixed gene, so they wants to
dissect Wickus, poor guy, he doesn’t wants to die, he misses his wife,
so he escapes to District 9 and meets the ET who collects the liquid,
the ET tells him that he can save Wickus, the antidote is in the big
UFO, the liquid can let them get into de big UFO, so they come back to
MNU to look for the liquid, before that, Antidote goes to buy some
weapons form a Nigerian illegal militant, but the leader of the militant
wants to eat Wickus’s hand to let him be a ET like Wickus, which can
make him use the ET’s weapon, but Wickus gets the weapons and goes away.
At last, the soldiers of MNU, the illegal militant, the ET and Wickus,
they has a big fighting, but the ending, the ET gets into the big UFO
and goes back home, and Wickus maybe be arrested, be killed or being
wandering anywhere, we don’t know.

The story uses a little the framework of <The Metamorphosis>, a
man changes to a ET, but through the story we can clearly see the
friendship between the ET and Wickus, that tells us sometimes the
homogeneous maybe a enemy, the heterogeneous maybe a friend.

In the big UFO, the ET says he’ll be back to save Wickus in 3 years, I
hope in 2012 we can see the sequel of this film, because it’s a good
story, a film sometimes can tell us what problem we’ll meet in the
future, maybe in the next century, ET will live around us, after we have
researched them, after we have learned their technology, after the
enthusiasm of them is ending, how to get together living in a harmonious
way maybe the most difficult problem.

What we want to say? Vive les humains? No. Vive les ETs? No.


Vive l’univers!